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Beef, chicken and pork or cow, hen and pig?

10.11.2014 08:21

Most people have close relations to dogs, horses and other domestic animals. But what about the animals we eat? We tend to forget that pigs and cows also have personalities and are capable of experiencing pleasure, fear and pain. Did you know that….

– Pigs are more intelligent and trainable than dogs, and also highly sensitive. Just like dogs, they like to cuddle and enjoy closeness to feel safe. They often sleep nose to nose.

– Cows are intelligent and able to socialise, develop friendships with other cows and mourn loss and separation. For example, cows are searching and calling for the calf that has been taken away from them (which the calf always is within 24 hours of being born, so the milk from the cow can be used for humans instead.

– Hens are clever and able to think logically and plan ahead. They use the sun to navigate.By turning towards a plant-based diet you help protect these animals. And even if you are not willing to give up on meat completely, perhaps you can at least research where your meat comes from, and be willing to pay more money in order to eat animals that were better cared for.

There are some farms – even though they are rare and hard to come by – that will put their animal welfare on top of that priority list, even though it might not be commercially the best option. Sadly we live in a world and time where we as consumers are used to food not costing much at all, where many of us shop for bargains without much afterthought. Stop, take a breath, and let it sink in – your daily choices matter.

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