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Download Planet Plant-Based Books and Brochures

10 Simple Recipes for your Planet Plant-Based Bean Pasta

This 28 page brochure includes recipes for easy ways to serve your Planet Plant-Based bean pasta. It is available in the following formats for easy access:

Simple Planet Planet-Based Recipe Inspiration

Eight simple suggestions on how to enjoy our nut and seed butters and coconut oil. Available to download as pdf:

Get Healthy and Save the World

Written five years ago, this book was my very first Planet Plant-Based project. It’s first half addresses the main reasons behind my choice to go plant-based, and highlights key points from health, environmental, equality and animal welfare perspectives. It also gives some general tips on how to make this way of eating as simple as possible. The second half, includes the recipes for 75 of my all time favourite vegetarian meals. (This book is only available in English).