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Fettuccine with cashew butter pesto and sautéed string beans

19.08.2019 10:35


200 g Planet Plant-Based Edamame Fettuccine

Cashew butter pesto:
2 tbsp Planet Plant-Based cashew butter
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Zest from 1/2 lemon
Handful of finely chopped parsley and basil
½ clove minced garlic
Black pepper  

Olive oil
Two handful frozen string beans or haricot verts, defrosted
1 clove garlic
Black pepper


Stir together the pesto ingredients.
Bring pasta water to boil and add the pasta.
Heat a pan to medium heat and add the oil and the beans and sauté for a minute until the beans start to brown. Add garlic, salt and pepper, sautee for another 30 seconds and then set aside.

Before removing the pasta water, take two tbsp and add to the pesto. Stir into a sauce and then toss with pasta, and add the beans.

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