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Ida Hemmingsson-Holl, Founder

Ida started Planet Plant-Based in 2015 as a food-blog and platform to promote the tremendous upsides of the plant-based lifestyle. She has been a vegetarian since she was a child, and became a vegan following extensive research on which diet would best support her healing following a serious horse riding accident in 2008. She has remained a plant-based eater for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons and is passionate about motivating others to eat less meat, and more plants. Ida has lived and worked in cities including Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Stockholm and London and draws inspiration from all parts of the world in her work to develop recipes and products for Planet Plant-Based.

Ida is a certified plant-based chef, a former global marketing director and a native Swede who currently lives in Munich with her husband and two children.

Ida Hemmingsson-Holl

Valérie Janssen, Sales and Communications

Valérie has been part of the Planet Plant-Based journey from the start so it only made sense that she joined in a more official capacity October 2017 as Sales and German communications consultant. She is the owner of Your Language coach ( where she supports companies and individuals to excel beyond any language barriers. Valérie is a native German who is also fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Valérie loves the vegetarian kitchen and is passionate about the outdoors and protecting our planet. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family behind one of Bavaria’s first organic super markets. She has long term experience representing a number of selected smaller food brands she feels passionately for. We are proud that Planet Plant-Based is now one of them!

Valérie Janssen

Lisa Podiwin, webshop management and customer service

Lisa joined Planet Plant-Based in February 2018 to help run the webshop, and to help our customers with whatever questions or concerns they may have. She has a degree in Economics with sustainability focus in Munich and extensive experience from the food retail sector from companies including VollCorner and Käfer. She is a long term vegan and a very passionate plant-based cook and baker.

Lisa Podiwin

Betty Winkler, online Marketing

Betty is our expert in all things online marketing. She joined the Planet Plant-Based team as marketing consultant (she runs her own marketing consultancy firm) in January 2019 and is helping to represent what the company and our products are about across social media.

Betty Winkler

Gabrielle Roy, Business Development Manager

Gabrielle brings to Planet Plant-Based many years of experience from food supply chain management, logistics and international sales. Originating from Canada, Gabrielle speaks French and English.

She is passionate about taking care of our planet and has big interest in permaculture and organic farming. She is a foodie and love to explore new avenues, knowing this is her best way to participate in creating a better world. She firmly believes that we are what we eat.

Gabrielle Roy