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Warm strawberry "grod"

26.03.2021 10:19

prep: 5 minutes

cook: 15 minutes

serves 2


500g strawberries

one tart apple, skin on

40g Planet Plant-Based date syrup

50ml water

vanilla powder

plant yogurt, to serve

a handful Planet Plant-Based chickpea granola strawberry coconut (per portion)


Wash and cut strawberries into chunks. Chop the apple into similar sized pieces as well.

Put strawberries, apple, date syrup, water and vanilla in a heavy bottom pot. Cook on medium to medium-low, stirring occasionally to prevent burning, until fruit softens, about 15 minutes.

When the fruit porridge is done strain all of it through a sieve to separate pulp and juice. Don't press, just let it drip off.

Add a couple tablespoons of your favorite plant yogurt into bowls. Spoon fruit porridge on top, garnish with strawberry granola and enjoy hot or warm.

Note: this recipe is inspired by Danish Rødgrød med flode, aka red berry porridge that's traditionally served hot with cold cream.

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