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What’s good for you is good for our planet

03.12.2014 07:45

Well, this article pretty much sums it up: What’s good for you is good for our planet. What’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable.

The article is in a nutshell what the plant-based movement is all about, from Time Magazine last week:

– meat eating causes long-term chronic disease, and science proves it. Here is one example of a study which shows eating animal protein is harmful for our health. Here is another one, and here is one more.

according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the billions of animals that are raised for meat are a key factor behind global warming. The article also mentions research done by the organization The Worldwatch Institute stating that crazy 51% of global warming is due to today’s global meat production.

– an entire 40% of the world grain, the article states, is given to animals raised to become meat instead of directly to humans.

Livestock now use 30% of all land worldwide and are causing deforestation, particularly in the Amazon, where 70% of forests are now used for grazing.

Many of these facts have already been quoted here on the blog, but are well worth repeating…. Eat less meat: get healthy and save the world.

Dean Ornish who wrote the article is a well known doctor in the plant-based world, author of many best selling books, and one of the key advisers behind president Clinton’s lifestyle change (Clinton went vegan in 2010 for health reasons).

Even if you might have heard these statistics before, do read the article……and then click onto the recipe section. You see – it won’t be so bad cutting out meat. On the contrary – it will be delicious! Go for it. You can do it (at least a day or four a week!).

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