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What’s more harmful to the environment: Cattle or cars?

02.12.2014 08:17

…that according to the United Nations today’s global meat production emits significantly more greenhouse gas than all transportation together (yep, that’s right, all cars, airplanes, trucks, trains etc grouped together)...that meat production takes up an entire 30% of our planet’s total land surface, also according to the UN. That is how much space is needed for the farm animals to live, and for the food they eat to grow. WWF says that, every day, every minute 36 football fields of rainforest are being destroyed, mainly to create space for cattle ranching.….that fresh water is a scarcity in the world (despite most of us taking it for granted), and that by 203o, UN Food and Agriculture division FAO expects half of the world to live under water stress. And did you know that today’s meat production consumes 27% of the total amount used by humans (to be compared with the 4% we use at home for showering, gardening, doing the dishes etc). Animals need to drink, and their food need water to grow. Read the study here.With these points in mind it starts to become very clear why today’s meat production indeed has a significant impact on the state of our planet. And why it is far from an efficient use of resource.Every time you choose plant-based foods instead of animal protein you help make a difference. Even if it is not every day or every meal. If it feels like a big sacrifice, just do what you can. Perhaps you can sacrifice at least a little?

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