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What’s the link between milk and mortality?

26.11.2014 08:19

A really interesting, large study made headlines across the globe a few weeks ago about the effects of drinking too much milk. Published in the prestigious The British Medical Journal, the study found a strong correlation between drinking milk (three glasses or more per day) and an increase in mortality. Heavy milk drinkers were more prone to both cancer and heart disease and – perhaps surprisingly to many – also to bone fractures (strong bones has for a long time been a key argument used by the milk industry as to why we should consume milk for calcium).

The culprit could be galactose, a simple sugar found in milk. That compound might induce oxidative stress and low-grade inflammation and that type of inflammation can affect mortality and fractures. The funny thing is that if you provide galactose to experimental animals, they will die faster by induction of oxidative stress and inflammation.
Karl Michaelsson, Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden (one of the study’s authors)
You can find the study here:

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