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Why Plant-Based

While vegetarianism may have meant deprivation for some people in the past, in 2019, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Flavours, textures and ingredients from all over the world are available to us now, and animal products simply aren’t necessary to ensure we eat a satisfying, tasty and nourishing diet. But flavour aside, there are other reasons why we are so passionate about encouraging people to consider this way of eating. Here are our top three:

The plant-based diet protects the planet. Every time you steer away from a traditional burger or steak to instead opt for a plant-based alternative you help save thousands of litres of water, many square metres of land and many trees and you protect the planet from more green house gas emission. Today’s meat production causes 40% more greenhouse gas emission than the entire transportation sector, and animals reared for meat require vast amounts of land and water. Every minute a forest area equivalent to 48 football fields is shovelled down for the purpose of meat production. With trees being our planet’s natural air purifiers this is very damaging for the environment.

The plant-based diet promotes longevity and health. Studies from some of the world’s most renowned research institutes prove that more vegetables and less animal foods is the recipe for a long and disease free life. Too much meat and milk is linked to disease and we need the micronutrients and the fibre from vegetables.

The plant-based diet saves many animals from unnecessary suffering. Millions of animals die every week to become food on our plates. The consumer demand for meat, milk and eggs is so incredibly high that ethical standards are impossible to prioritise. To stay profitable in a very competitive industry, very few farms today can afford to properly take care of their animals. So, less demand for cheap meat – the meat we can afford to eat on a daily basis – means less suffering for these beings.

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Why Plant-Based?