About Us

Planet Plant-Based is all about making it easy for home cooks to prepare delicious, healthy and sustainable food. Our products and recipes are nourishing, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free and white sugar-free – all created to help make the world greener, healthier and kinder… one tasty meal at a time.

At Planet Plant-Based, we are passionate believers in the power of the vegetarian diet. In fact, when many people choose vegetables over meat – even for a few days per week – it can be transformative; for the environment, for our health and for the animals.

Planet Plant-Based’s ambition is to make sure that a vegetarian choice never feels like a sacrifice. All our food is comforting, satisfying, delicious and packed with nutrients.

We have hand-picked a selection of products to help you easily and quickly cook delicious and healthy meals at home. We are launching with our favourite kitchen staple: pasta made entirely out of beans. These are mild in flavour, yet so tasty, packed with protein and fibre, and quick and easy to prepare. For suggestions on how to serve them, download our bean pasta brochure here.

Planet Plant-Based launched as a food blog in 2015 and if you look through our blog and recipe sections above, you will find much more about our beliefs and how we cook. You can order our products online or in selected stores in Germany.

We share news, recipes and other tips via our social media channels and in our newsletter. Connect or sign up – we would love to stay in touch!