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How we cook

The Planet Plant-Based cooking style offers quick and easy routes to super tasty and nutrient-rich vegetarian meals, bringing together beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits of various kinds and colours. We cook meals free from meat, fish and eggs, free from gluten, white sugar and unnecessary additives. Below are our top recommendations for success with our recipes.

Taste your way to perfection...

The general recommendation is of course to follow the recipe you have decided to cook, but at Planet Plant-Based, we think it is even more important to get into the habit of tasting your way to (your definition of) perfection. Ingredients will vary in flavour depending on freshness and season – this is even more true for vegetarian cooking – so make sure to always have plenty of spoons at hand when preparing food. This makes the cooking experience more fun and creative. Preferences are personal!

Taste your way to perfection

In terms of measurements...

As per the point above about tasting your way to perfection, please use your best judgment when it comes to measurements. When we say a handful, the meal won’t be ruined if your hands are bigger than ours. You will not go wrong by adding a bit too much spinach, or cashew nuts, or coriander – absolutely not! When we say 'cups' we mean UK cups.

In terms of measurements

Be open to new ingredients

Some of the products or ingredients that our recipes call for might be new to you. If you are not able to find them in your normal grocery store, try finding them online or in your local health food shop. It is sometimes worth making the effort to hunt down new types of products every now and then because it makes your cooking experience and your diet so much more exciting.

Be open to new ingredients